Supportive Services

The Pencer Brain Tumor Centre provides a range of unique and innovative programs that supplement medical services, and provide additional support to help brain tumor patients and their families cope with the diagnosis of a brain tumor.

Pencer Centre Supportive Services Include:
Relaxation Therapy Led by a certified Occupational Therapist, this drop-in program offers patients and family members an opportunity to learn a number of useful techniques for relaxation.
Nutrition Counseling
Monthly Support Group Meetings Run the second Tuesday of each month, these drop-in meetings provide a unique opportunity for patients and caregivers to connect with others ‘in the same boat’. A chance to share stories, feelings and coping strategies.
Resource Library provides patients with access to education and information materials about their disease
Patient Information Binder helps to organize a patient’s activities - from medication routines to radiation therapy

If you require more detailed information about brain tumors, or the programs and services offered at The Pencer Brain Tumor Centre, please click below to be connected to The Pencer Centre website.