Patient Testimonials

“Recently I was reading Zoomer Magazine and I came across an article by Charmaine Gooden about the Gerry and Nancy Brain Tumor Centre. I was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor in August 2008. Since then I have been going to the Centre for treatment with Dr. Mason and his colleagues. Every time I visit the Centre I feel calm and relaxed in the atmosphere there. The fresh flowers are beautiful and the cafe and T.V. room provide a homey feeling. I am continuing treatment and visit the Centre once a month. Thank-you for making my visits welcoming.“

“I'm here 6 years later. Thank you Dr. Mason. I just had 2 radiation
masks made; I'm finally going through with radiation. I hope it
works. I love my daughter… she's 2 years old. I pray for another
6 years.”

“This place gives us strength and courage to live
life to the fullest, to be real and true to oneself
and the world.”

“I am so thankful for this hospital and its staff. Thank
God and the wonderful doctors and nurses. I had a
brain tumor, but I am okay now. I am thankful to
be alive. I wish everyone that comes through is as
fortunate as me.”

“I would like to thank Dr. Laperriere and his staff. They are wonderful and caring people who are very understanding and they take the time to talk and help you the way they can. It feels very good and safe to be in Dr. Laperriere's hands. “

“Dr. Mason, the first time I saw you, I saw the care you have for
your patients and I put my trust in you to make me better.”

“I survived a brain tumor for 10 years, 1994 - 2004, and I'm still alive. Thanks to God.”

“Our 8th year coming here and still kicking!! Thanks!”

We are grateful to Gerry Pencer for his vision. Each and every time we left support group meetings or clinic appointments, I would look in at his portrait and say “Thank you Gerry.” Now I say “thank you” to each and every one of you who worked overtime to make our journey as good as it could have been.

Thanks again to the great doctors, staff and volunteers at this wonderful clinic. This place is such a blessing for those of us dealing with brain tumors. We and our families receive fantastic support. I particularly appreciate how quickly we get in to see the doctor. We never have a long wait, which is usually typical with specialists. Thanks again.

I cannot say enough about my treatment, the staff and doctors involved and I know they have extended my life for which I am truly grateful.

What a comforting atmosphere to spend a day of worry in.

On April 28/03 I was operated on my brain. My chances of survival were zero. Nine months later I am still here. I would like to thank Dr. Mason and his staff and a special thanks to Neetu who is always there for me.

What can I say about Dr. Mason. He is the greatest doctor, wonderful man, polite and trusted. The staff are excellent, so kind and caring. Dr. Mason saved my life. Thank you with all my heart.

Thanks Dr. Mason and the rest of the Staff. You are great!

This is such a wonderful environment. So much support, so much kindness from all the staff and volunteers.