I was in the car one morning with my sister Sam when we thought of making a bracelet as a fundraiser for our dad Fred. When we were just sitting there we didn’t think it would go this far.

I thought of the Blue Brain Bracelet because Daddy’s favorite color was blue, he had brain cancer and we like to bead.

We used different beads. The hearts are for Sam and Me, the big blue bead for Daddy and the beads all around for Mom because she holds us all together. We thought it looked nice. Daddy was an angel from heaven. We made the bracelets so he would get better. We did not succeed but now he is up in heaven and we can help other brain cancer patients survive.

The blue brain bracelet is so meaningful to me because it’s the last great thing we did for our Dad. If we could get this all over Ontario it would make our Dad so proud, so that is our goal.

GO B.B.B!!!!

Sydney Turack ( 9 years old)

My Dad thought that the Blue Brain Bracelet was a great idea because we were raising money for his cause, brain cancer. So we started to make this bracelet, and after they became so popular. Soon after that he died.This bracelet is important because it is helping people with brain cancer and their families.

We hope we sell a lot.

Samantha Turack (7 years old)